How to Make a Felt Fishing Game

Fishing games are timeless toys that are simple and effective, appealing to children of all ages. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make a felt fishing game using soft and easy-to-work-with felt fabric. If you want to treat your children or grandchildren, follow the step-by-step guide by Virginie Humbert, available on Instagram at @1br_crafts.

DIY Games to Keep Kids Busy

When children are not at school, it's important to find imaginative ways to keep them occupied without resorting to television or screens. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects are your best ally in accomplishing this mission! Unleash your creativity and make homemade games for children to enjoy on their own or with friends during a birthday party or school fair. This is an opportunity to utilize your various crafting skills, such as embroidery, sculpting, painting, or even sewing, as demonstrated in this felt fishing game.

A Fishing Game for the Carnival Experience

Who doesn't remember the weekends spent at the fair or school carnival? These are unforgettable moments we shared with friends or family, engaging in outdoor games and sports activities. Among them, we have all seen or perhaps even tried the famous fishing game. It holds nostalgic memories for those of us for whom primary school is a distant memory, yet it remains timeless and still captivates children. So, to bring a piece of that carnival atmosphere into your home, what could be better than making your own fishing game?

How to Make a Felt Fishing Game

To maintain the traditional fishing theme, say goodbye to plastic ducks and welcome the softness of felt! Assemble piece by piece your fish, seashells, and buoys, armed with your sewing machine, and ride the wave of DIY with this tutorial offered by Virginie Humbert (@1br_crafts). The added bonus: it's reversible and easy to store! Discover the list of materials needed to make a felt fishing game right away.

Time required: 4 to 6 hours

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Materials Needed:

For the game mat:

  • Wave side: glacier felt CP089 (50x90 cm), pastel mint felt CP134 (20x30 cm), baltic blue felt CP104 (20x30 cm), mouse gray felt CP072 (20x30 cm), and misty felt CP145 (20x30 cm).
  • Ball side: antique white felt CP068 (50x90 cm) and golden yellow felt CP005 (30x45 cm).
  • 2 meters of white braided cord (4mm) and a white single-hole cord stopper.
  • White and mustard-colored sewing thread.
  • Pins.
  • Scissors.
  • Erasable ink marker.

For the figurines:

  • Fish: coral felt CP141 (30x45 cm), peach skin felt CP138 (20x30 cm), black felt CP050 (20x30 cm), white sequin tulle, plain pink tulle, and pink glitter fabric coupon.
  • Buoys: use scraps from the game mat's ball side (antique white and golden yellow felt).
  • Seashells: use scraps from antique white, misty, and peach skin felts.
  • Coral ribbon, light pink ribbon, mustard yellow ribbon, and white ribbon.
  • Matching sewing thread for the felts.
  • One skein of white moulinĂ© cotton embroidery floss, one skein of coral moulinĂ© cotton embroidery floss (#352), and one skein of light pink moulinĂ© cotton embroidery floss (#3770) from the DMC brand.
  • Polyester fiberfill.
  • Glue.
  • One-hole office punch.

For the fishing rods:

  • 9mm round wooden dowels (available at hardware stores).
  • Tension hooks.
  • 2.5mm screw eye hooks.
  • White yarn.
  • Small wooden beads.
  • Paint in the color of your choice to decorate the dowels.

Now you're ready to embark on the crafting adventure of making a felt fishing game for endless fun!