Forts For Kids Are Welcome Sense Of Privacy

Aside from being tons of fun and exciting to create, forts offer many developmental benefits for your child. Fort building goes a long way in creating a child's sense of independence, and allows them the opportunity to fully explore their sense of creativity. The act of building a fort and being able to then hide out in one acts as a form of stress release for children, offering therapeutic benefits and opportunities for relaxation away from prying eyes.

A child's day tends to be a very active one. With so much stimulation surrounding them, it can be tough to regulate their emotions and find some quiet time. Forts offer a quiet, private space for kids to process things that they may be thinking or feeling. Making sense of the world around them involves a bit of downtime. Within the fort, a child is in their own space, and oftentimes, they can see out far better than parents can see in.

This increased sense of privacy gives them a confidence boost and offers a new perspective of the world around them. Momfindence explains that children try to create a "separate self from the one defined by their family and their parents. They crave their separate place in the world. The special place outside serves to symbolize the special place inside ... It’s their own private chrysalis.”