Building Forts: Why is it good for our children?

If your children absolutely love to build forts, it turns out it's a healthy and highly encouraged activity for them to engage in! Kids of all ages seem to have a tendency to build forts with just about anything they can find, and if your couch pillows and blankets have been snatched away by your children, you are definitely not alone. There are many reasons that children build forts, and moms will be happy to hear that this is a healthy activity for them to take part in. Kids Activities Blog reports that fort-building is a creative way for children to create their own space, and they find a wide variety of benefits from engaging in this form of play. With so many children glued to their devices and facing more screen time than ever before, it's refreshing to hear that fort building is not a lost art form.

For many children, building a fort is a beautiful escape from the very scary reality they live in. Whether it's the rapidly changing climate of our world, or simply the stresses felt by families within the home, a fort provides a sense of shelter, allowing children to benefit from the illusion that they have an invincible little spot in the house that belongs only to them. Building a fort is a way for children to ensure they have a safe place to retreat to when they need one.