Our building kit is finally available!

Our fort building kit comes with 158 pieces: 48 child-safe joint balls, 55 longs rods, and 55 short rods. You’ll also find 2 flags, 20 clips, and 2 hooks. This creative set will bring endless fun to your family through building together and exploring infinite construction ideas. Help your children build a playhouse, caves, tents, rockets, airplanes, princess castles, tunnels... Just add a sheet and watch their creativity come alive.

Our fort builder is specially designed for children aged 5 and above. Building toys is the perfect DIY: improving childrens’ skills. For the adventurous boys and girls: our STEM kits improve problem solving and critical thinking as your child becomes engulfed by creativity, focusing on building the perfect construction.

The perfect educative learning and engineering toy gift for birthdays and christmas ! This creative toy is for 2-4 or more children to play with. The children plan and solve problems together, and learn by playing. Parents can also participate in it, build different creative structures, and promote parent-child relationships. This box is full of challenges for all the family!

Carry this creative set everywhere. Our fort builder is specially designed for children aged 5 and above. Easy to store with the carry bag and perfect outdoor games. Our building toy is made for indoor and outdoor play. Keep your children happy for hours!

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